Perch Bar Extension

Perch Bar

  • (still listed as one of the top 5 go-to restaurant destinations in Los Angeles)
  • “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” reality show is filmed here regularly
  • Sale: Build to Suit – 15th and 16th floor were added to this Historical Building on 4th Street in Los Angeles
  • Construction cost – $8.5M
  • Build time 15 months
  • Lease:   Restaurant and Bar called Perch
  • NNN Lease
  • 10,000 sf for each floor (total 20,000 sf)
  • 12 year lease
  • Most expensive lease price in LA at the time – price undisclosed

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Suzanne Johns Managing Broker, Commercial Real Estate Division Dallas Real Estate Investments 1031 Tax Free Exchange Certified

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